There was a man who filled his house with sculptures; he had made them because he wanted to live with them, to keep them close to him. No one had seen or known about these sculptures until he passed away and other people entered his house.
This story of what we would call an ‘outsider’ artist intrigued me seamlessly, the idea that someone would make something without even considering showing it to others. It seems that for this man his own capability to make something was enough to justify the existence of what he made. Such authentic things they must have been, untouched by questions of what art is or should be.
Yet the story isn’t complete without the ending, in which others open up the house after the man passes away, and they gorge their eyes on these things that have been made in such a secluded manner, and they take them out of their context and share them with the world. Perhaps this is how authentic things enter our world.

(Written by Daniel Dmyszewicz)

Eighteen.29 is a space that organises experiences and exhibitions in the West of Amsterdam until the summer
of 2017.
Eighteen.29 is a living room in a private apartment dedicated to bringing together artists and hosts to create programming that is the product of an experiment. Through site-specific events,
Eighteen.29 works to tell stories that inspire curiosity.

Сurator: Justina Nekrašaitė

Artist: Daniel Dmyszewicz

Opening: 4 Nov. 2016 18:29 – 22:00
Duration: One-day event
Space: Private Apartment. Ernest Staesstraat 17-3, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

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