Colour Run

For the 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale, the group of artists, Modern Art Projects will hold their first Studio Show, titled Colour Run. Two of the group, artists Geyer and Davies work with highly saturated colour but in almost opposing ways. They have quite different practices and this obsession with saturated colour is one of the few obvious points of overlap. Despite this, they share a great interest in each other’s work.

In this project, Colour Run, they will be working in collaboration both as artists and as curators to analyse the processes underlying each other’s and their own practices. Using experiment and play, making and curating they will produce works together in installation and amongst the existing work already in the studio space. A process of collaboration through cross studio residency informs this study of the site through colour, process, light and object.

MAP, Modern Art projects, is a social and cultural engagement program established in 2013 by a small group of contemporary artists and curators designed to explore the nexus of art and architecture via a broad inter-disciplinary field. It has rapidly grown into the premiere contemporary arts organisation in the Blue Mountains, Australia, co-ordinating programs in a broad range of cultural activities including a multiplicity of contemporary artistic practices, artists residencies, writings on art and culture and the archiving of local histories.

Artists/ curators:
Fiona Davies and Beata Geyer

Opening: 6 Nov. 2016 10:00 – 18:00
Duration: One-day event
Space: Studio in Woodford in Western Sydney, New South Wales. Ring 0417244327 for address details.

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