Program. Autumn 2019

In the times of the utmost digital intruding in personal life, we are constantly reminded of validation of our privacy in continuous pop-up screens of web-pages and endless sign-in forms. And aren’t those conditions are entirely neglected by predictive typing, content suggestions and “things you might also like”? How much do you anticipate the invasion in your personal life when creating massive social network presence? Didn’t you tape off your laptop camera? Don’t you get advert recommendations about something, you’ve merely spoken in the presence of your phone?
However, the Biennale topic is more comprehensive than concerns regarding digital interference and “15 minutes of fame”. Following the subject of the 1st WASBiennale – Be My Guest, the theme WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY? repeatedly addressing the current socio-political situation in the world, as well as artistic representation in the circumstances of recession.
Is it really possible nowadays to stay quiet and “nonresistant to evil”, do not make a choice, do not participate in some way? Is the position of the spectator a way of independence, or is it masks neglection? And would it be ethical to encourage someone to be committed, or it will be disrespectful to their privacy?
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Drawing Diagnosis

Arnhem, Netherlands

Night Seminar
13 October

Belgrade, Serbia

Honor in the Breach
23 October

Berlin, Germany

What’s with privacy when it’s too loud outside?
20 October

Blue Mountains, Australia

Performative Private Provocations

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Inner Space
12-13 October

Buenos Aires

If your telephone don’t ring, it’s me

Bucharest, Romania

Tarot Performance One On One
1-15 October

Chicago, USA

A Voyage In Visual Metaphors

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Private Fears
14 – 23 November

Edinburgh, UK

September / October

Ghent, Belgium

Artists, return to the studios
11 – 20 October

Gorozhanka, Voronezh region, Russia

Conversation on a country path
5 October

London, UK

A Fish Rots From the Head Down
4-10 November 

Moscow, Russia

I Don’t Believe!

Paris, France

INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT PAINTINGS by Meester Wittenbols [passport painting officer]
21 – 23 October 

Santa-Fe, USA

INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT PAINTINGS by Meester Wittenbols [passport painting officer]
27 – 29 September


SC: Study Corner
20-30  October

Stockholm, Sweden

If your telephone don’t ring, it’s me
October, November 

Tokio, Japan

6-Chōme-30-3 Higashi-Ogu

Ürgup, Cappadocia region, Turkey

Fata Morgana
1 – 12 October

Vienna, Austria

Anna = present
16 November