Artists, return to the studios!

The main goal of my performance is to reflect the current problems of society through drawing as my personal emotional experience. 
My artistic experience becomes a response to the changes in the environment and the worldview of people. That occurs in connection
with genetic research, the development of biotechnology, ethical doubts about scientific discoveries, environmental changes and a new definition of the boundaries of human life, those changes which, at least in the field of perception, form a new, “organic-digital” reality.

An integral part of this performance is a discussion with the public on world changes, acceptance or analysis of this society, and what is the role of the artist in this process. And perhaps we will conclude that art acquires its actual status only by leaving the walls of the studio, only a meeting with the audience makes a recently meaningless product a full-fledged piece of art, and an artist becomes a faceless master-manufacturer.

Artist: Nina Stoupina

Beginnig: 11 Oct. 11:00
Duration: 11 - 20 October, 2019
Opening hours:
11,12,13 Oct. 11:00 - 17:00;
13 Oct. 17:00 - 19:00 Open discussion of the project;
14 -  20 Oct. by appointment (+32 477 342 566).

Artist's studio: Burgstraat 101, 9000 Gent Belgium

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