Belgrade, Serbia

Honor in the Breach

Today, when GDPR pot is boiling over, we are bombarded with information and questions regarding privacy rules. While every pop-up question on every webpage is asking for our unconditional trust, the way we perceive confidentiality is shifting with hierarchal values of lawmakers. Do we ever stop and think when these privacy rules will be breached?
In this exhibition, we explore the fine structure between privacy and the public. From a structural context, we see Atelier 86 as partially accessible to the public, exposing relations of shared space and the hierarchical values of privacy. The artworks exhibited uncovers artists’, as well as other’s privacy, with the unconditional trust that was given to them.
The transferability of confidential information is questioned by a curatorial installation consisting of curator’s dream journals. One thing that we cannot completely share due to vague memory or the difficulty of transferring heavy emotions and visuals. Although, visitors will have a chance to go through these openly written dreams it’ll be always comprehensible in one’s mind, just like if we were telling someone about our dreams.

Artists:  Nikola Kosić, Dejan Klemen
Curator: Zeren Oruc

Pop-up exhibition: 23 October 2019
Hours: 17:00 - 22:00
Space: Atelier 86, Cara Nikolaja 86, Belgrade 11000 Serbia