Stockholm, Sweden

If your telephone don’t ring, it’s me

Normally we are being monitored by programs and algorithms that control our activities on the web and our concentration is constantly being disrupt by banners and pop-up advertisings, directly designed for us, using our own information and our own cameras and computer devices.
In our coming project we turn upside down the monitoring situation. In “If your telephone don’t ring .. it’s me” two computers are busy monitoring each other. The one camera controls what’s being shown in the monitor of the computer in front, while the camera of the computer in from its controlling the monitor of the first one, their reproduce what they see and they see what they reproduce, over and over again. But their focus it is being briefly disturb by some human activity that passes by in front of the cameras, to fast and to short to figure out what it’s going on. But they do not care. The control it’s busy controlling the
We respect your privacy, you know.

Artists: Gustavo Aguerre and Marie Victoria)

Dates and places:
26 - 27 October, 2 - 3 November and 23 - 24 November in Stockholm.
9 - 10 November and 16 - 17 November in Buenos Aires in a hotel room .

The places for the audience are limited and should be reserved ringing Gustavo in good time at +46 73684 98 95.
No younger than 18 years and no pets are admitted.


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