Fata Morgana

The hills remember and the sand speaks, they are always listening. Centuries of sound and light are captured within the rocks, if only we could unleash their memories. Fata Morgana predicts an archaeology of sound, a future of possibilities in unlocking the histories recorded within the rocks and the caves in Cappadocia. Artist Anne Murray will be projecting sounds and images, recorded conversations and abstracted light videos, as well as environmental sounds and poetry across rocks and within caves in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. These private conversations, secret moments will be forever locked into the rocks, leaving a lasting impression, which one day, with new technology, might be seen and heard again by future generations.
These conversations and projections explore the secret and overt instances of the invention of language through sound experiments, with our bodies as instruments and with light and objects as external means of communication. With caves and hills that date back millennia, the sound captured within them could included everything from animal to human, even electronic noise; the artist explores this notion of sounds in a landscape and the possibilities of invention and impression, what one can conjure from the history of a space and leave as impression which the rocks could witness for future generations to mine.

Artist: Anne Murray

Time: 1-12October 2019, by appointment

Place: √úrgup, Cappadocia region, Turkey
Please contact Anne Murray, anne@annemurrayartist.com

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