Night Seminar

The idea of heterotopia, as suggested by Michel Foucault, redirects us to “other” spaces. If we trust Wikipedia, we should be ready for disturbance, intensity, incompatibility, contradiction, and transformation. How would these notions can be used in relation to privacy?

So we have a lovely and rather broad field to research in a small hostel room in the Netherlands during Week 1 of the Dutch Art Institute Roaming Academy 2019-2020), a sound location for the purpose of this discussion.

A heterotopian place in itself, Room 108 of the StayOkay Hostel in Arnhem will host the Night Seminar on October 13, 2019, at 22 hours, featuring presentations by Giorgos Gripeos (Gr), Hanna O’Flynn (ESP) Vita Buyvid (Rus/Ukr) and Francisco Mojica (Col).

Artists: Vita Buivid, Giorgos Gripeos,Francisco Mojica, Hanna O’Flynn

Opening time and duration: 
13 October 2019, one-day event
StayOK Hostel, Arnhem, Netherlands
For visit request please e-mail:
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