A Fish Rots From the Head Down

The multiplicity of the crises of the contemporary socio-political discourse overwhelms the one who tries to comprehend them in wholesomeness. The response often is absenteeism, short-termism and withdrawal into locality, which often is celebrated as a strategy of resistance but actually leads to alienation from the inevitably global context of nowness. The conversation about the dichotomy between the private and the public, transparency and secrecy, transnational cosmopolitanism and nationalist regionalism, extraversion and introversion are much more intertwined. Varying positions on those controversies create aporic, trapping inconsistencies, which in their turn lead to resurgence of the ideologies that were seemingly dismissed as ‘evil’, such as fascism and populist nationalism. Vegan fascists, environmental terrorists, right wing moralist prophets, communist billionaires and other conundrums of now are the empirical proof that our epistemological, ideological and political models need to be critically re-assessed. How does the one addresses the complexity of the currents differently?
Avenir Institute’s practice is ignited by the critical dissection of the potentialities of the present to chart the ways towards multiplicity of possible futures – embracing the ‘avenir’, an unexpected and unpredictable, therefore celebrating resilience over protectiveness and values over identity. ‘Privacy’ is one of the aporias of now. The messiness of the subject is best to be discussed in the private space than turned into the public for hosting the conversation that unlocks many pathways towards understanding the ideological mess and lack of self-criticality.
How deep the ontologically narrow mind can get? 
Among the works presented: 
– “The Face of Power circa 2019”, marble sculpture
– “Zeusian Justice”, ali dubond print (unique), 2018
– “Athena-Dionysian Justice”, ali dubond print (4 unique), 2018
– “The Game of Futures 2”, marble/stone sculpture, 2019 
– “The Anatomy of Modern Leviathan”, re-enactment of the performance at the opening of the studio on Nov 4,  2015-ongoing 
– “Anticipatory Ideography”, series of the copper plates, 2017-ongoing
– “Less Than Three”, art & theory book, 2017
– “Introduction of Avenirology”, art & theory book, 2015
– “Against the Future”, art & theory book, 2017

Opening: November 4th, 18.00 - 21.00. Performance-lecture “The Anatomy of Modern Leviathan” at 19.00.

The exhibition open during November 5 - 9.
Public opening hours 17.00 - 20.00 on Friday & Saturday; other days by appointment. 

Closing: November 10th, 16.00 - 21.00. Performance-lecture “Imperialism post-ex-ante” at 19.00.


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