In 2016 artist Anna Khodorkovskaya and curator and art critic Anna Buyvid founded Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale – the project developing a distinct approach to alternative exhibition solutions and independent artistic initiatives on exposing current art. Though there are more than 150 art biennials in the world, we thought we needed another one.

During the 1st WASBiennale, more than 70 art shows and events took place in artist studios, apartment galleries and even private residences all over the world at the same time. The programme showed artistic and curatorial practise with somewhat different backgrounds, approaches and goals. But what united all those projects was the search for distinct forms of representation.
Nowadays, an increasing number of art professionals are looking beyond the frameworks of the classical institutional approach. Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale is an independent formation, whose mission is to create an opportunity of innovative union and mobilise self-organising in the arts on a global scale.
WASBiennale invites members of the Word’s art community by offering a substantial platform and concept for DIY independent exhibition practice. Operating by the rules of traditional art biennials, we’ve started the first Biennale without limits.
Artist’s studios and apartment galleries as alternative exhibition spaces have rarely been included in popular art history. It is time to change it. WASBiennale will not just disclose undercurrents of contemporary art history to the general public, but foremost to create an opportunity to build parallels with the most recent developments in contemporary art, where again artists and curators are compelled to find alternative ways. And it’s probably the time to build up the next level: a critique of an institutional critique.

The headline of the first edition of WASBiennale: BE MY GUEST brought the idea of transforming boundaries, showing a decreasing approach of white-cube-based art space and inviting viewers to take a step into the intimate artist’s zone. Letting anyone in the artist’s studio, as well as inviting someone in your private space is a gesture of high confidence. Showing art in such format, involving the audience in direct dialogue, helping to reduce a gap and provide a new scale of artist/viewer communication.
The topic of the second edition of WASBiennale is WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY? It extends all the issues addressed by the Biennale in 2016, but also will proceed further with the exploring of the limits of public/personal in artistic space and practice at the end of the second decade of XXI century.

Founders of the WASBiennale:

Anna Buyvid
Independent curator, art critic and researcher of contemporary arts.
She was born in USSR / Ukraine, lived and worked in Moscow and St. Petersburg, now based in Amsterdam.
Anna graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and holds a degree in history and theory of fine arts. Participated in the Gallerist Programme of the de Appel Arts Centre (Amsterdam). Currently, Anna is working on PhD research at the University of Amsterdam.
In her work as an independent curator, Anna focuses on multidisciplinary, international group shows which addressing issues of backgrounds and borders. Anna was one of the finalists of the EUNIC programme in 2012 and received a curatorial internship in Austria.
Anna’s PhD and research topics are apartment galleries, alternative exhibition solutions and artist-run initiatives.
Since 2012 Anna is curating the alternative exhibition project — «Monthly Payment». The project researches pricing in contemporary art from the first-person perspective. This project started small-scale, but transformed into a larger project; «Monthly Payment» had a special appearance in some international art fairs (ArtMoscow’13, ArtVilnius’14) and as a guest project on the 55th Venice Biennale.

Anna Khodorkovskaya
Artist, works with mosaic, painting, graphics, performance as well looking for new forms. Interdisciplinarity and collaborations also play an important role in many of her works. Anna organised, curated and was involved in numerous self-organized art initiatives in different cities and online. Some of these projects explore the aspect of alternative spaces, systems, communication in the art world, e.g.: ArtStreamShop – travelling art-selling performance, Reality Raum Residenz – a reality show in a privately rented room, Cheese Art Award – alternative art award in Russia, and others. 
Born in Moscow, Anna graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. She moved to Austria to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where she lives and works now. In 2014 Anna received the STRABAG Artaward International.

There's a room for more:
If you find the idea of the WASBiennale appealing and interested in collaboration, we’ll be pleased to establish a contact.
If you're a curator or theoretic and will be interested in creating a project in the Biennale frameworks (e.g. series of discussions or apartment shows in your city or, why not, country), let's discuss it.
Please send information about your idea and your experience at

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