Vienna (Austria)


Drawing, photography, painting (work in progress).

Moni K. Huber has invited Elisabeth Czihak to present their works conjointly in Huber’s studio. The artists’ shared interest in modernist architecture thus finds expression in the exhibition Sonnenbrand (i.e. sunburn) featuring interim results of a common research trip to Croatia.

Hotel complexes from the 60s and 70s on the Ex-Yugoslav Mediterranean coast, several of which are exposed to decay since many years, are the starting point of their works. On their research trip in May 2016, Huber and Czihak visited some of these hotel ruins and documented them photographically. The exhibition in Huber’s studio shows the artists’ different approaches to the same motifs and how they deal with them through the crafts
of drawing and painting.

Elisabeth Czihak
Moni K. Huber

Opening: 17 Nov. 2016. 19:00
Guided tour with Maria Christine Holter: 19 Nov. 14:00
Duration: 17 Nov. 2016 – 19 Nov. 2016
Opening hours: 18 Nov. 2016. 16:00 – 19:00; 19 Nov. 2016 14:00 – 19.00
Space: Studio of Moni K. Huber. Wattgasse 56-60, 1170 Vienna, Austria

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