Vienna (Austria)

Squaring the circle pt.1

Squaring the circle is the exhibition format of 280a. In 3 editions per year we invite a group of individual artists to produce works in the maximum format of 15×20 cm that will be shown in a 7 m2 temporary curtain-circled showroom within the workstudio of 280a. With the concept of a downsizing exhibition venue we create an intimate atmosphere between the artwork and the viewer. The works shown in each exhibition should be produced site and theme specific for this exhibition venue.

The first exhibition deals with the topic TRANSFORMING MEMORIES. We invite 10 international artists from different fields to show experimental works and processes that question reality and deal with memory in different medias.
Is memory a sentiment or a document? A blessing or a curse?

TRANSFORMING MEMORIES therefor is a portable kit of images/memories, it’s a multum in parvo, a small collection of positions of personal or cultural memory, the transformation of reality, the transformation and rethinking of memory and it’s processes. Therefor it creates its own constructions and meanings of reality.

“We tend to create a memory that never fades (…) reminding us that our memory is limited, that we need images and resources to remember us.” *
* Daniel Blaufuks

Curator: Christiane Peschek

Room-concept: Johannes Niesel-Reghenzani

Participating artists:
Tiago Casanova
Thomas Albdorf
Hani Amra
Julien Lombardi
Michel le Belhomme
Darina Kmetova
Annamaria Tatu
Terese Kasalicky
Johannes Niesel-Reghenzani
Martin Bollati
Isidora Krstic

Opening: 16 Nov.2016. 19:00
Duration: 17 Nov. 2016 – 20 Nov. 2016
Opening hours: 16:00 – 19:00
Space: non-profit experimental artspace, working studio, art collection “280a”
Riedelgasse 64, 1130 Vienna, Austria


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