New York (USA)

I Am New Here

The appearance of new elements always disturbs the status quo, and requires re­organization. The outcome of the effort of integration of new elements in a previously existing system -social or other system­ can have positive and negative outcome.

There are many factors that contribute to the success or the failure of the process. Regardless the outcome, the initial stage is always confusing, to say the least, and in extreme cases, those involved in the process experience terrifying occurrences. They say conflict is an agent of change. The selected works: photography, painting, mixed media, and video ­ reflect upon this predicament.

The exhibition includes pieces that convey visually the theme of integration or disintegration in abstract or in figurative fashion.

Curator: Anna Pasztor

Diane Arrieta
Alexandra Avlonitis
Cat Del Buono
John Folchi
Anna Pasztor
Marica Radojčić
Lili White
Francheska Alcantara
Katherine Liberovskaya
Maike Zimmermann

Reception: 2 Nov. 2016. 17:30 – 21:00
Duration: 2 Nov. 2016 – 2 Feb. 2017
Opening hours: by appointment. call 646-745-5346
Space: Bronx-Breeze apartment Gallery.
610 Trinity Ave #3J, Bronx, NY 10455
The gallery is very close to the Jackson Ave. station of the 2 & 5 lines. Please beware: 5 trains DO NOT STOP at Jackson Ave during RUSH HOURS 5pm – 8pm. During that time you need to switch to the 2 or a bus or walk from the Third Ave-149th station.


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