Cluj–Napoca (Romania)

Things are temporary, but the evidence of their existence persists somehow

“Remember, O man, that all which exists
is only another form of that which exists not.
Everything that has being is passing into yet other being
And thou thyself are not an exception. “
The Emerald Tablets, early alchemical writings

This project unites various works realized in different mediums in order to tell a story about the continuum of the ephemeral and the mood swinging state of an object or of something which contains life up until a point in time. Each action leads to another, just like each punch somehow deteriorates the form of a thing. The material body remains silent after it`s death, being a witness for the one that existed at a point in time. As time goes by you will remember probably just flashes of the things that passed, frames per second of the things that you`ve done or you were involved in. How can we define then, the ephemeral, considering all this? Can we relate it to the spirit of existence, the dematerialized form which we can neither touch or see?

The spirit of the movement, the spirit of the moment which goes by, the inner spirit, the degradation of the human counsciousness, the death of a civilization. How do we storage or keep all this remains? How does our mind perceive the events which seem to continuously exist, always silent, always still, always a reminder of the civilizations or whatever existed before? The most we can assume is to immortalize the image of the temporary.

Alexandra Mocan

Nicolae Romanitan
Camilia Filipov
Matei Tosa
Alexandra Mocan
Alexandru Muraru

Opening: 12 oct. 2016. 18.00 – 22.00. for reservations please call 0746469034 or 0757483940
Duration: 12 Oct. 2016 – 21 Oct. 2016
Opening hours: By appointment. Please call
Address: Calea Turzii 21, 400193 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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