Bucharest (Romania)

Plastic … art object

If we look at the structure of each material we discover that it is already a work of art. But we “cling” materiality to express a certain state of the work? Why must each be interpreted and reinterpreted to work? It seems to be a mix of continuous, endless re-mix of things already known.

With reference to individual works stands at some specific choices of materials and techniques used and the message final work, demonstrating a polemical attitude of artistically and socially.

Curator: Adrian Lis

Adrian Lis
Alexandru Lis
Gerlinde Pistner
Maria Gall

Opening: 30 Sept. 2016. 18:00
Duration: 30 Sept. 2016 – 30 Nov. 2016
Opening hours: 10:00 – 16:00
Space: Artist’s studio. APT. 36 sos. STEFAN CEL MARE NR.60, BL.41 , AP.36 , SECTOR 2,

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