Tampere (Finland)


The exhibition presents 100 photos from 100 amateur photographers. Pictures are taken by the participants of the photo contest “All is well or all is not well”. Competition was organized on the internet by the visual artist Heli Ström as part of her online community art project. Hundred photographs display different interpretations of the contest’s theme varying from playfully humorous to deadly serious. Visitors can vote for either one of their favourite photos or alternatively give one vote for the result of the draw. The outcome will be published on the project’s Facebook page after the exhibition.

Heli Ström and 100 participants

Duration: 25 Oct. 2016 – 30 Oct. 2016
Opening hours: 30 Oct. 2016 12:00 – 16:00. Or by appointment, please send your request by email: kaikkihyvinvaikaikkihuonosti@gmail.com
Space: Studio Tempo, Artist’s home and studio. Address on Request via email.

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