London (UK)

Marco Lusini: The Colours of the Human Soul

Thanks to the increased interest in the Post-War Italian artists, Marco Lusini: The Colours of the Human Soul showcase allows the audience to gain an insight into a distinct and independent Italian artist (photographer, painter, sculptor and poet) of the ‘60s and ‘80s. It is a journey through the curator’s memories and the artworks of a painter described as “astronaut of the inner space”.

Marco Lusini focused his art on the human figure, an intimate subject portrayed with delicacy and depth through flowing and colourful lines. In his oeuvre the red, blue, orange, earth colours contrast with icy whites while water, rocks, sheets of sky and grass become powerful aesthetic presences.

Curator: Laura D’Asta

Exhibition Space Director: Lorenzo Belenguer

© 2016 Estate of Marco Lusini, courtesy of Massimo Lusini. All rights reserved.

Duration: 3 Oct. 2016 – 10 Oct. 2016
Visiting: London, Notting Hill area. Open daily by appointment only. Please contact the curator at:

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