Warsaw (PoLand)

Musée de l’Oubli – Eight collages by Monsieur G.

The exhibition calls into question the authenticity of art history as has been passed down, namely as a succession of certain and creditable events. Following the critique of authors such as Gilles Deleuze, Rosalind Krauss and Jean Dubuffet, I perceive art history as a series of events and works that owe their conservation to the choices of a small body of art theorists, that had selected and elevated them by eliminating all others.

The works exhibited in this project are eight collages made by Monsieur G., an unknown French artist whose true identity I myself do not know (the collages, signed on the backside, date back to 1979). In 2014 I found them in a street market in Warsaw, Poland: placed on the ground among other priceless objects and second hand junk, they caught my attention.

Each of these collages is made with a pure and disarming quality, great sense of humor and unequivocal seduction. Therefore, I decided to save them, considering as pieces of art that deserved a better place and attention. After having bought the whole series, I spent time cleaning every piece, rearranging it, mending the ruined parts and – finally – giving them a new life.

My process of creation, therefore, consisted in reinventing art pieces already made by someone else, with a precise intention: make a tribute to the mysterious Monsieur G. and, on a broader level, pay homage to all the artists that the art history did not consider worthy of attention and memory.

Alex Urso

Artist: Alex Urso