Yekaterinburg (Russia)



The works are created for friends, not for sale or exhibition, not always impress by technique, scale, but usually very personal and honest.

In one of the apartments in Yekaterinburg will be organize a dinner-show, at which invited local artists, art lovers, the main condition for participation is to bring the work donated by other artists or (for artists) created for a friend. The works take their places in the apartment, and the guests at the table. During the dinner in a relaxed atmosphere is planned to discuss issues of relevance of art in everyday life, motivation in creative work, self-organization of artists, etc.

Elena Mironova
Alex Kei

Because the project involves the voluntary participation and the ability to change plans last minute, the exact list of participants will be known only very close to dinner date.

Invited artists such as:
Sergei Rozhin
Sergei Laushkin
Natalia Hohonova
Sasha Saltanova
Arseniy Katochikov
Artworkers such as:
Stasya Dementieva
Tamara Galeeva
Evgenia Nikitina, etc.

Date: 22 Oct. 2016
Time: 18:00
Duration: One-Day Event
Space: Curator’s Apartment/ artist’s studio. Address on request – +7 905 8020609

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