Stockholm (Sweden)

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To understand the concept of this work/event it’s very important to be aware of the political development in the Swedish society in the last 30 years.

Even if the rest of the world keeps the image of Sweden as the world champions of equality and welfare that’s nothing but a hangover of the period while Olof Palme was still alive and conducting the Social Democratic party with his high intellect and brilliant ideas.

Everything has radically change since his assassination in 1986.

Sweden is no exception to the current politics turn to extreme right in Europe. The largest party in Sweden is right now Sweden Democrats a New-Nazi, outspoken racist party with the 24,6 % of votes, follow by the Moderates (right, neoliberal) with the 23,2 % and just third the Social Democrats with the 22, 1 %. The rest of votes are divided between 8 smaller parties good enough only to make coalitions. The populistic hate rhetoric (very much like Trump’s) it’s legio and all the parties copy it in a desperate attempt to re-gain voters from the extreme right.

Intelligence has become taboo and to be an intellectual is a synonymous of “corrupt antisocial behaviour” with no other intention then “misleading the people from the true problems”. The TV talk shows have become a cavalcade of vulgar groundless prejudgments.

Whit this perspective in the background we want to start a series of public events in the form of meetings with intellectuals from wide different fields like Sociology, International Political Studies, State Politics, Arts, Psychology, Architecture, Design, Biological Engineering, Literature and many more. This events will happen in a dinner situation where the people it’s more relax and the discussions/conversations move around some given issues with a coordinator ruling and directing it. Every event would be send live stream in a TV program and video recorded available to everybody in the web. While the live sending is on the people is welcome to participate via a chat channel. Full documentation of each event (photo, video and audio) would be available in the web page of the project.

FA+ Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre

Dates of Events: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Oct. 2016; 5, 12, 19, 26 Nov. 2016. 
Visiting: By appointment only – Phone Gustavo +46 736 849895
Space: FA+ Studio. Drottninggatan 71 A – 111 36 Stockholm, Sweden

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