Kiev (Ukraine)

Paid color

“Apartment 14 is a space located in a two room apartment in a dormitory area of Kiev-Troyeschina. Long time it was considered unfavorable. After death of my grandmother in 2009, then there was an apartment repair, but her room was left untouched. Artists are invited to review the Soviet and post-Soviet experience in space, where lived people from another era.

In the period from October till November , there will be presented 3 projects ,by 3 different artists from 3 cities of Ukraine, Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv.”

Alekseenko Mihail

“Paid color” – the three primary colors: red, blue, yellow. The colors obtained as a consequence of consumption of utilities.

Alekseenko Mihail
Madlen Franko

Artist: Taras Kamennoy

Opening: 12 Nov. 2016. 18:00
Duration: 12 Nov. 2016 – 19 Nov. 2016
Opening hours: By appointment
Space: “Apartment 14”. Private apartment. Address on request. +38 067 308 20 46,

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