Vilnius (Lithuania)

Apartment disorders

Living apartment becomes to deconstructed area due to different art installations in various rooms. Home gets interactive incrustations of art. Domestic environment changes to the site for review and experience by sound, visual and act using surrounded everyday objects and additional elements. Residence gets multiple diagnosis of creativity. The flat is an interpretation of an organism, art like a virus disturbs daily routine of inhabitants. Visitors are confused by confrontation between art phenomenons and ordinary apartment. Mode of life and art combination is considered as perversion. Publicity and privacy are mixing with each other. Outside people get inside anatomy. Guests is not guests anymore they are like cells, which are forced to experience disorders of apartment body.

Curator: Studium P

Date of Event: 24 Nov. 2016 18:00 – 22:00
Duration: one evening event
Space: Studium P. Pylimo street 20 - 24, Vilnius, LT-01118, Lithuania

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