The group of artists based in Bielefeld presents CALL ME TOMORROW – an exhibitional project in a private space, held on a special occasion –  participating in the First Worldwide Appartement and Studio Biennale – taking the challenege of the Global exchange,  inviting to the discusion on Future by experimenting with photography, video, installation, objects and collage, whether punk reminiscence of classical german philosophy or a metaphor of the contemporary technology and  its self-distructing nature.

It is a visual reflection of the artists, who were born on the both sides of the Wall right around the year it collapsed, on the actual scenery  with its dissonance between breathtaking  knowledge breakthrough and failure of general euphoric humanistic expectations from the world’s global sweep after the end of the Cold War. A formulated sight into Tomorrow, with a certain trace of the funneled individual experience through the first decade of a new century might be provocatively percepted as a pathetic fortune-telling but it is not  pretending to be a transmission of the new art divination. CALL ME TOMORROW is nevertheless an aperture in an actual shear and is to summarize the „what lays ahead“ visions and fears, welcomig to observe and propose and change – in the tightest dialogue with the artists in real time… Is the media forecast optimistic? You might call it tomorrow, you might call it Future, but it is Now.

Curator: Alina Medvedeva

Robert Krischan ter Horst
Inna Grüner
Lea Fender
Janosch Boerckel
Andrei Sosnin

Tim Dechnet
Alina Medvedeva
Sebastian Kluge

Kirill Starodubskij
Charlotte Helwig
Evgenij Roppel
Peter Lepp

Opening: 18 Nov. 2016 19:00
Duration: 18 Nov. 2016 – 21 Nov. 2016
Opening hours: Sat and Sun 15:00 – 23:00. OR by appointment – call 015254913873 OR 015754349139
Finissage: 21 Nov. 2016 20:00
Space: Siegfriedstrasse 37, 33615 Bielefeld, Germany

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