My Stupid Childhood

The exhibition consists of several works – sculptures and painting. They are united by a common theme of childhood, which took place in a country that no longer exists and the desire for freedom.
Tires forever – these tires are made of ceramics and coloured with glaze, engobes and copper oxide. This work has two meanings. First is the reference to my childhood that was spent in the Soviet Union, which used all of the state resources to service the great idea of state power, not the comfortable lives of its citizens. Millions of kids spent their afternoons at playgrounds made out of poorly painted used tires. These tires had to be utilized or taken to the dumps, but instead they adorned every playground. The second reference is to the fact that used car tires became a symbol of the fight for freedom. Each time that people take to the streets, the protesters use tires to build barricades and burn them in case of need.

My first Converse – this is a small series of paintings. I depict different kinds of sneakers that belong to my friends and me. When something in my childhood such footwear was the subject of envy of all the neighbors. Now this shoes is also just memories.

Artist: Mila Dolman

Opening: 28 oct. 2016 17:00 – 00:00
Duration: One-day event
Space: apartment on Pokrovka gates. Full address and visit after phone confirmation +7(906)0971119

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