Contemporary Art is a microparticle, which no one can find, but every sundry can predict:
I woke up, brewed coffee; poured bamboo named Kotja and turned on the computer.
And I realised, or to say better felt, “Line”, “Color” and “light.”
Now I am in this line (A), the colour (R), illuminated by this Light (T).
And all this were Other.
Yesterday, at the same astronomical time, I did the same thing, but
A, R and T were different.
I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but it was the same day before yesterday.
It is unlikely that I will be able to explain what happened. But I can paint it down on paper, canvas or cardboard:
And this line A, this colour R, illuminated this light, T.
This feeling I have called the “NowI”.

Artist: kostя goldtv

Duration: 1 oct. 2016 – 30 Oct. 2016
Opening hours: by appointment +7 905 224 56 94
Space: studia “goldtv”. Russia, St.-Petersburg, Admiraltiysky region, ul. Vereyskaya 3, kv.30

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