The Sensitive Plant TLV

The Sensitive Plant TLV is a one-night event\exhibition that will take place in a small urban greenhouse situated in the south of Tel Aviv, close to the old Levinsky Market. The Sensitive Plant is a site-specific installation that will offer a reflexive look at aspects of sex and gender drawing inspiration from Derek Jarman’s garden, alongside themes from the world of science and Victorian botany.

In the exhibition and between the plants, the greenhouse will offer a habitat for the five objects comprising the installation. They will stand for a conceptual experiment that combines a number of sources of inspiration. One of the objects is a Black Hoodie Jacket made and designed by the artist, with the belief in fashion as an alternative voice for new identities. Like other objects in the installation, the Black Hoodie Jacket is inspired by the French symbolist artist Odilon Redon’s charcoal drawing: Cactus Man (1881).

She appropriates Redon’s hybrid figure in order to create a cactus man of her own, stripping it of its masculine elements and emptying its content, transforming it into nothing but a slough, a husk – an attribute of power and strength that can contain the “other” as a symbol of difference and abnormality, empowering him in a territory of masculine conventions.

Curator: Sally Haftel Naveh

Artist: Meital Katz Minerbo

Opening: 24 Nov. 2016 19:30 – 23:00
Duration: One-day event
Space: very special urban Telavivian greenhouse called: Zvulun Balagan. 14 Zvulun St. Tel Aviv. (

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