Into The Fields

The project consists of the exhibition-intervention with works by Yegor Astapchenko and Sergey Ryapolov at the railway station hall and performance in the Black Earth field behind the station.

The idea of the exhibition in the space of Veduga railway station appeared during the work on project “The Near Faraway. A Studies of Voronezh’s Vistas”*. In preparation for the project we traveled into different Voronezh region fields. One of these trips we visited Veduga station and recognized that this space is really matches to our art works. This railway station is surrounded by vastness fields, you can come here only 2 times a day by the suburb trains from Voronezh. Fields, that starts behind the station in the context of the project) it’s something private and indescribable for us, so travelling in the field with the audience is like the trip to the art study. The performative aspect of the project is very important – people going out from the city in the cold autumn morning, looking at the art, integrated into the low-used “found” space, which lost in the fields…

Artists/ curators:
Yegor Astapchenko
Sergey Ryapolov

Opening: 30 Oct. 2016 
Duration: One-day event
Space: Veduga railway staition (Russia, Voronezh Region, Khokholsky District)
For More information contact artist: egor.astapche@mail.ru

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