FABRIKA.CCI – Special Participant of WASBiennale

Reconstruction 4.0

“Reconstruction 4.0” is a site-specific project inspired by the space of my studio and spaces of CCI “Factory”. I used scaffolding in the project. The scaffolding has become habitual component of urban landscape. It has assumed a harbinger’s role of coming changes and improvements. For me, it is also a metaphor of changes taking place in all spheres of society due to the new technological revolution. Any attempts of innovation, first of all, indicate accumulated problems. That’s why I have created “gap between the object and its properties” for better understanding the essence of the changes. I have placed the scaffolding inside my studio, deprived its habitual functionality, practicality adding properties of a chthonic serpent to it. As a result I have obtained a dichotomous image. It penetrates through the rooms and spaces, does holes, destroying the habitual spaces more and more, and, at the same time, intertwines, unites the spaces, not allowing completely destroying them or, what is also possible, creates completely new spaces.

Artist: Alexey Rumyantsev

Сurator: Andrey Kovalev

Duration: 14 Sep. 2016 – 5 Oct. 2016
Opening hours: by appointment, info availible at
Space: Artist studio at CCI Fabrika. Perevedenovsky Pereulok, 18, Moscow, Russia


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