In her artworks Anna Russova creates funny puppets and toy mechanics somehow connected with a concept “homo ludens” by Johan Huizinga. But despite this childish mood her artworks turn out to be a reason for a viewer to think about global things like problems of actual history, politics and culture. A concept of dashboard is one of the most important myths of power, that was created in the XXth century. The myth itself could be represented as a President’s small black case with red button inside or as a gigantic gadget of life supporting system, but the meaning remains the same. From the first glance this giant ceramic dashboard with colorful buttons, toggle switches, indicators and sensors in which there are pictures of strawberry, cheese, meat and apples looks like a big toy. But still in this artwork, as in many fairytales, there is something very adult, the sense of it has nothing to do with naivety. Food wars replace politic wars during the last 2 years – now Polish apples, Greek olives, Italian cheese and Lithuanian milk are the hostages of geopolitical interests. They are now “non grato persons”. Radish, onion, pumpkin and potato appeared to be imprisoned like in one famous children story. And today there is no exception even for lemon and tomato. Poor Chipollino with a suitcase in his hands seems to be upset and puzzled. Where he should go? Maybe all of this is just a funny game? But this time it is not for children.

Artist: Anna Russova

Curator: Alexandra Danilova

Duration: 27 Sep. 2016 – 21 Oct. 2016
Opening hours: by appointment, info availible at
Space: Finishing guild at CCI Fabrika. Perevedenovsky Pereulok, 18, Moscow, Russia


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