A studio is a studio is a studio

The project about the relevance of the tradition to visit artists’ workspaces (by curators, critics, mere spectators, other artists, etc). What is the value of such meetings nowadays? Now it’s possible to send a file with your photo or video artwork to another end of the world, to win prestigious contest, to participate in international exhibition or to make publication in magazine – without meeting with any of the organizers and without being in this place even once.

The project includes weekly meetings with art workers in the typical artist’s studio. Meetings and conversations about art does not imply any program or plan except duration of each appointment (not less than hour joint stay in a closed space) and selfie together in the studio, which then will be published on social networks. 

A series of weekly meetings with the participants of contemporary art industry.

Curator: Marina Rudenko

Andrey Bartenev 
Alexandra Danilova
Vladimir Dubossarsky 
Electroboutique: Alexei Shulgin, Aristarkh Chernyshev
Alexandr Evangeli 
Andrey Filippov 
Daria Kamyshnikova 
Vladimir Logutov 
Liza Morozova 
German Vinogradov 

Dates of events: Starting from 5 october – Weekly meetings
Visiting: by appointment –
Space: Artist studio at CCI Fabrika.
Perevedenovsky Pereulok, 18, Moscow, Russia


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