Hide and seek

Artist Olga Osipova became a mother of two daughters a few years ago. That moment was a turning point for Olga as a woman, and even more turning for her as an artist. She used to be very self-absorbed, quiet and thoughtful, but after the kids were born she had to dedicate herself to other persons – very small and helpless.

In everyday life things are very the same, progress doesn’t influence the routine that much. “When I began to be a mother, I lost myself a little bit, the person I used to be. Now I’m trying to restore myself. But sometimes it doesn’t work for me. And sometimes I don’t even feel that I need it, because I have so many different things to do now” – Olga says.
Motherhood and everyday deeds appeared to be a reason for an artistic reflection. As Olga says: “Daguerreotypes that picture children on the knees of their mothers, hidden with clothes or blankets inspired me to create my works. With the help of that clothes mothers fixed their fidget children so that a photographer could take a picture. It means that this type of picture was all about this technical point. It seemed to be very popular method, because I found a few pictures like that in my family albums. When I was studying these pictures called “Hidden mother”, I suddenly saw myself under this clothes – I felt that it was me even physically. It is me now – hidden and inconspicuous – and my kids are in the first roles”.
Olga Osipova studies the experience of other women: she reflects how a woman turns out to be a part of domestic life, how she dedicates herself entirely to her kid. And how despite all personal transformations and freedom limits, motherhood is very happy and joyful part of life.

This art-work is also about a mother who appears to be a special “window” for her kids – because children start to perceive the world with the help of mother, with the help of her world view and attitude to it.

Artist: Olga Osipova

Curator: Yulia Lebedeva

Duration: 16 nov. 2016 – 4 dec. 2016
Opening hours: by appointment –
Space: “Arthouse” hall at CCI Fabrika. Perevedenovsky Pereulok, 18, Moscow, Russia

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