Vladimirka – 2, or emergency exit 2016

In the beginning of 1990ties or 1970 – 1980ties studio exhibitions were very common thing. Then they vanished and today this studio exhibition is my “emergency exit”.

I have been collecting media-images for a long time, the images that somehow telling us something more than they have to, telling something not that decent or common. This second meaning seems to me pithier even more thoughtful. This meaningful space between two notions, that everyone is able to find under banal image opens the way to something archaic, uncontrollable.

As a result of my work there appears a piece of a dream from a hackneyed picture. And as we know “dream has nothing to do with trifles” (Z. Freud)

At first I wanted to exhibit this project as cheap prints on billboards along the Enthusiasts highway (former Vladimirskyi tract – traditional path of nonconformity).

Then I wanted to exhibit it in enfilades of an ancient house, where in one room of it there would be a couch covered with carpet with an old leather chair of my father on it.

My studio exhibition in CCI Fabrika – is a kind of sketch to my future exhibition. In the lights of home lightings, that seem to be a kind of a night lights on these brick walls of Fabrika – visitors will start to cast shadows – very sharp and blurry.

Artist: Ludmila Gorlova

Curator: Elena Kuprina-Lyahovich

Duration: 21 Dec. 2016 – 20 Jan. 2017
Opening hours: by appointment –
Space: CCI Fabrika. Perevedenovsky Pereulok, 18, Moscow, Russia

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