Amsterdam (Netherlands). 

The new cemetery

Death is the transition for those that took care of the world and us before us. People who touched us, we like to remember and keep among the living. We should create a place where we appreciate the feeling of their being.
Form and icons can express the being of those who passed on, free from culture and strict rules we need a place where we can celebrate life with them, where we are one with all who cared before us.
Celebrate with them our ongoing journey and share the wisdom they gathered.
A place where death is soft, appreciated and accepted. The new cemetery project will transform the current rigid cemeteries in places of beginning for all living.

(Written by Eun Kyoung Hwang)


Eighteen.29 is a space that organises experiences and exhibitions in the West of Amsterdam until the summer of 2017.
Eighteen.29 is a living room in a private apartment dedicated to bringing together artists and hosts to create programming that is the product of an experiment. Through site-specific events,
Eighteen.29 works to tell stories that inspire curiosity.

Сurator: Justina Nekrašaitė

Artist: Eun Kyoung Hwang


Opening: 21 Oct. 2016 18:29 – 22:00
Duration: 22 – 28 Oct. 2016
Visits by appointment:
Space: Private Apartment. Ernest Staesstraat 17-3, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

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